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There are a lot of things people notice about the exterior of a car, but the color is the first. It's what you can see from the farthest distance, it's part of what draws you to the car in the first place, and- let's face it- a car color says a lot about someone's personality. That said, here are some statements your car color may make about you without even knowing it:

  • White: Someone with a white car is the everlasting optimist. They're a dedicated bunch who are willing to overlook the existence of inclement weather, and the aesthetic risks it poses to a white vehicle. When you have a white car, every day is a sunny day! Well, at least... it better be.
  • Gray: Gray car owners may be the shy type- the wallflowers who'd prefer to fly under the radar. There are plenty of beautiful gray shades in the automotive industry, but none are particularly eye-catching on their own. This shade works on powerful luxury cars who garner plenty of attention as they cut through the streets.
  • British Racing Green: Congratulations on owning a Jaguar!
  • Blue: A glittering blue car is a sight to behold as it flies down the highway. Just the right blue will remind bystanders of an open sea, and because of that, blue car owners clearly appreciate tranquility. Not recommended: comparing your car's color to the ocean by driving into one.
  • Matte Black: You want your car to look like a chalkboard.
  • Silver: By sea or by air, silver is a great color for camouflage. For the road, however, it speaks of an owner who wants to be trendy but tasteful- silver is the most popular color on the road.
  • Red: How could we leave out the red car owner? They definitely don't want to be left off this list. Though the idea that red cars get pulled over more than other colors has since been debunked, that doesn't mean people aren't paying attention. A bright red car portrays confidence.

At our Cincinnati used car dealer, we know it's not uncommon to have your heart set on a color before you even start looking for a car, but it's always a good idea to keep an open mind. You never know when you'll find the perfect vehicle in gray, even if you love being the center of attention. Come check out our selection of colors and cars, trucks, and SUVs and see what catches your eye!

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