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New parents face a lot of challenges, but it's the little ones make the biggest difference. With three out of four car seats installed incorrectly, the summer and subsequent road trips become a little more dangerous than they have to be. Here are some suggestions from our Cincinnati used car dealer on how to handle your child's car seat this summer in a way that will keep everyone comfortable and safe.

Disregard the Distance

Whether you're leaving Cincinnati in your used car or just going around the block, proper car seat use is imperative. The "inch test" and "pinch test" are two ways to make sure your child and the car seat are properly restrained. Grab the car seat from the back and bottom and wiggle it from side to side, then from front to back. If the car seat moves more than an inch, it has failed the inch test and has to be tightened. Similarly, the pinch test is a matter of pinching the car seat strap somewhere near your child's shoulder, and if the fabric wrinkles, the strap must be tightened.

No matter how long you're planning on being in the car, do secure loose items in the car. Food, beach umbrellas, coolers, and other summer travel staples should not be able to slide around the vehicle. It not only jeopardizes your child's safety- it compromises everyone's.

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Consider Comfort

When you open your car door ready to load everyone in and head out, consider the materials on the car seat: plastics and metal. After sitting in a hot car, these surfaces aren't just uncomfortable- they can be unsafe. Wait a couple minutes with the doors open and the air conditioning on before placing the child in the car seat. Once you test the materials and they're not hot, then it's okay to strap in your child.

Kids are messy. It's like gravity... a fundamental rule you can always count on. But sometimes the most practical solutions, like placing towels on your car seat, can prove to be problematic. Extra layers between the child and the seat can compromise the restraining properties of the seat in a crash.

If you're looking for a safe, dependable family car, we have plenty of them at our used car dealer. Come visit us and test drive of some of your favorites. We're confident you'll find the car you need that will meet even your family's standards.

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