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Everyone's been warned of the dangers of texting behind the wheel. But what about Tweeting, Snapchatting, Facebooking, emailing, and even video chatting? A study commissioned by AT&T and conducted by Braun Research found that 70% of people use their smartphones while they're behind the wheel, and the study is loud and clear about at least one thing: it goes way beyond texting. 33% said they send, reply to, or read emails while driving. 28% claimed to browse the web behind the wheel. At our Cincinnati used car dealer, we want you to be safe. Here are some ways your phone and your car can help you cut down on phone use to minimize danger to yourself and others around you.

In-Car Technology

Many manufacturers have accounted for the rise of smartphone use. For example, there are vehicles that come standard with Bluetooth connectivity to minimize the need to look at a phone while placing or answering a call. Many Cincinnati Ford drivers also enjoy SYNC, Ford's technology that can read your text messages aloud to make sure you don't miss an important update. It's all part of a collaborative effort to ensure that everyone on the road is safe.

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Apps Perfect for Pre-Owned Cars

Technology can be a driver's worst enemy- or their best friend. If you're not able to resist picking up and fiddling with your smartphone, or if maybe your used car doesn't come with all the latest technology, there are a few apps you can install that will help you out.

DriveMode, launched by AT&T and available for Android and the Blackberry, activates as soon as your car is going over 25 miles per hour and responds to all texts and emails to let the sender know that you're driving and can't respond personally at the moment.

Then, there are apps that take a different tack: with rewards. DriveAlive, for example, doesn't silence notifications or block texting- but if you touch your phone while you drive, you lose the possibility of gaining points that boost your chances of winning one of the app's lottery prizes. Cash, coupons, and gift cards are among potential winnings.

Interested in learning more about advanced safety features that make the roads better for everyone? Get in touch and we'll be happy to answer all your questions.

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