Super Bowl 50

Where were you on Super Bowl Sunday? Our Cincinnati used car dealership has a competitively-priced all-star lineup parked right on our lot for shoppers in the market for a used car, and there's no time quite like the Super Bowl for manufacturers to put their most creative foot forward. Here are a couple of our favorites.

Limitless Luxury

Brands such as Audi have carefully assembled advertisements that show off everything they have to offer, and used Audi shoppers can find late models right in Cincinnati. Audi creatively highlights its performance capabilities by comparing its sports cars to rocket ships. Truthfully, once you get behind the wheel of any of the precise and beautifully crafted models from luxury manufacturers, you embark on an otherworldly journey where the rest of the world can melt away and it's just you, the road, and any of the quality amenities offered in every model.

Make a Practical Escape

Hybrid vehicles are often stereotyped. Portrayed as lacking the power and handling of a fuel engine, shoppers who aren't necessarily prioritizing top-flight fuel economy may look past it. With this ad, Toyota is challenging that convention- and rightfully so. The Prius is the best-selling hybrid in the country, which simply wouldn't be the case if its performance wasn't up to par with other popular vehicles. Check out this spot from Toyota, which stars cast members from the hit TV show The Wire and asks you to consider the Prius, which is one of the many Toyota vehicles we have in our used car inventory, as the potential getaway car for your next bank robbery:

You can always count on the Super Bowl's car commercials to be some of the most creative and fun in the bunch, and this year was no exception, showing the differences in taste among the American driver. Our used car inventory reflects that same diversity, showcasing a huge range of makes and models. Visit us today to check out our selection!

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