Used Car Brake Service in Cincinnati

When you're at the wheel, pressing the brake pedal is second nature, and essential for your safety. That's why it's so important for you to bring your car, truck, van, or SUV into our used car service center in Cincinnati. We'll make sure your vehicle is safe to drive and that you can stop on a dime if necessary.

Warning Signs It's Time for New Brakes

Your car has plenty of methods of telling you that you need new brakes, so be sure to look and listen for these signs::

  • High-pitched screech: Thanks to a shim on your brakes specifically designed to warn you when your brake pads are worn out, you'll hear a noise that's loud enough to hear with the windows up. When you hear it regularly, it's time to bring your vehicle to us.
  • Reduced responsiveness: Probably the most dangerous indicator that you need new brakes is a failure to respond strongly when you apply them. This may indicate a brake fluid leak.
  • Vibration: If your brake pedal is vibrating or pulsating, your rotors may be warped. It feels akin to a sudden stop, if you're familiar with that sensation in vehicles with anti-lock brakes.


As a family-owned business, we stand strongly behind the value of treating customers with integrity and professionalism. We make sure to offer our customers everything they need and want, which is why our service department also offers extensive accessories specials. We want to make sure that you can find equipment that ensures your car is perfectly tailored to your needs.

We're located right in the heart of Cincinnati, so whether you're looking for maintenance, repair, or one of the services we have at our auto spa, come see us!

Service Review

I just wanted to express my gratitude towards your service department and Justin Schwierjohann. My husband brought our 2009 Saturn Outlook in because we were having issues with the A/C going out. The repair was going to take 2-3 days so we would need a loaner car. At first, we were told we would only be able to get a full sized car because that's all you had left. The next morning I called Justin and explained to him that we had four children under the age of 6 who are all in booster seats and car seats. Justin was quick to check what was available and found us a Suburban! (Which we are in love with now!) That really let me know that he cared about the safety of my family... I really appreciate that kind of customer service. I just wanted to say thank you! -

Car maintenance is a necessary part of driving, but there's no need to settle for anything less than a dealership who will get it right with minimal disruption. Contact us or call us today at (888) 383-7308 to schedule an appointment to have your brakes looked at.

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