Used Chevy Impala service in Cincinnati
Engine oil Every 7,500 miles
Automatic Transmission FluidEvery 45,000 miles
Oil filterEvery 7,500 miles
Cabin Air filterEvery 45,000 miles
CoolantEvery 150,000 miles
Spark plugsEvery 97,500 miles
Brake fluidEvery five years

You've come to rely on your spacious and comfortable used Chevy Impala for everyday errands as well as long-haul trips when you need to count on smooth sailing throughout. Chevrolet's recommended service intervals are built to advise you on when your vehicle will need maintenance to keep behaving its best. We highly recommend you follow their schedule, and bring it to our used car repair center in Cincinnati. Our traind technicians will get you back on the road as quickly as possible!

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