Used Chevrolet Malibu service in Cincinnati

Engine oil6,000 miles
Cabin air filters22,500 miles
Oil filter6,000 miles
Engine air filter45,000 miles
CoolantEvery four to five years
Wheel BalanceEvery year
Brake InspectionEvery 25,000 miles

Your much-loved used Chevy Malibu is the sedan you can count on when it's needed the most. Whether you're using it on your commute or to cart the family around, wear and tear is a naturally occurring part of car ownership. The best way to get your Malibu to last as long as it can is to bring it in for routine maintenance. We highly recommend sticking to Chevrolet's prescribed maintenance schedule, which was drawn up with your lifestyle in mind. When it's time for service, bring your Malibu to our used Chevy service center, where our knowledgeable trained technicians are ready to help you!

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